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I went this morning to vote, and arrived there shortly after 8. It was strange to see the parking lot full – the last time we went, we walked right in and voted. This morning, I waited for about 45 minutes. It still wasn’t bad though.

Have you voted yet?

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5 thoughts on “I voted”

  1. LOL Stephanie! If I had a reason to be in town today, you’d better believe I’d bring my sticker! But since it’s a lesson day. . .I’m not heading up that way.

    Glad you could get a doughnut!

  2. I did the early voting on Friday. But I did take my “I voted” sticker and get me a free Star doughnut today!! Boy was it good! If I drank coffee I would find me a Starbucks for a free coffee but I don’t. And if there was a Ben&Jerry’s I would be there too!! Can you tell I have a sweet tooth today?

  3. Monika – nice! I didn’t even think to do early voting until yesterday, lol!

    Trixi, you are so right. I’m concerned about the election itself – I worry that regardless of the winner, someone will throw a fit and complain. But after today. . .

    All in all, I’m profoundly grateful that God is ultimately in charge!

  4. My husband and I will be voting this afternoon. More than anything we are praying that God will have mercy on this country. No matter who wins, things do not look good.

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