The first chick is out

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The first chick has hatched! What REALLY excites me is that I caught it on video. It is so neat.

In the next day or so, hopefully I’ll finish writing up a page on my blog here about chicks hatching. The last time I posted a video on my blog it seemed to really slow the page down, so if I do one separate page, that seems like it would work better. I’m pretty sure Stephen is going to blog quite a bit about it on his farm blog, after he gets the video and pictures off my hard drive, of course. :O)

Anyway, #1 is out and is chirping pretty loudly. This should be an interesting night. Immediately after our chicks hatch, they chirp really loudly – usually at 2am – so we will know when the next one is out.

Pictures to come. Later – I’m tired. :O)


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2 thoughts on “The first chick is out”

  1. Wow Laura – thanks. I wasn’t expecting a comment like that this morning – thank YOU for being a blessing.
    The chicks – we love them. Yes, they grow up to be a good source of meat and eggs, but they are so adorable when they’re tiny!

  2. Baby chicks are so cute aren’t they! I just recentlt found your blog, and tonight was the first chance I had to really sit down and read some of your posts. I have enjoyed your blog immensly, especially how you are always leading back to your testimony.

    Thanks for being a blessing,

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