Test post

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This post is just to check my rss feed to see if it’s working properly. I noticed earlier this morning that Bloglines wasn’t notifying me that I’d updated my blog (I subscribe to it to see how my posts come through in a feed reader). I think the problem is fixed, but I’m not 100% sure.

If you read my blog via Bloglines, and see this post, would you mind leaving a comment just so I know that everything is working again?

Thank you so much!

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4 thoughts on “Test post”

  1. Monika, thanks.
    Leah – thanks for the link. I hadn’t even thought of switching, but haven’t really though about being aggravated with bloglines. Thanks!
    Marla – no problem! Glad it works now!

  2. Yea Melody! I’ve never been able to put your blog in my feeds, and now I can! THANK YOU, whatever you did now I can keep up with ya easier 😉

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