Menu plan Monday ~ November 3

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I sat down the other day and planned out menus for the whole month. I go grocery shopping twice a month, except for an occasional run for things like milk or produce. I’ve been so behind on menu planning lately – so it’s nice having it already done for the month.

Here’s this week’s menu:

2 Sunday – chicken, spinach, alfredo sauce, brown rice – absolutely delicious!
3 Monday – turkey dinner – with lots of leftovers. It’s a huge turkey so hopefully LOTS to put in the freezer
4 Tuesday – turkey taco crockpot stew
5 Wednesday – tossed salads
6 Thursday – beef and peppers
7 Friday – pizza
8 Saturday – meatballs and yellow squash

Breakfasts this week are eggs, oatmeal, and grits. Lunches are tuna salad, tossed salads, and leftovers (that turkey is HUGE).

Looks like we’ll have to move things around some this week. That turkey is nowhere near thawed enough to cook tonight. I thought it was. AND – as if that weren’t enough, that 25 lb turkey is too big to fit in my family-size turkey roaster. Guess we get to get a foil pan or something for the oven. Oh well!

Anyway. . .You can read more menu plans over at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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