Chick hatching video

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We now have five seven chicks hatched. Six are black, and one is yellow. I mentioned last night that I caught the first one on video. The video is on a separate page here on my blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to show more pictures later of the entire process.

It is pretty loud around here today – with all of the hatched chicks chirping to the ones that are still in the shell. We enjoy it though, and it is fascinating to watch them.

For now, here is the first video of a chick hatching.

Chicks hatching page

We had to help one chick out of its shell, so we set up the camera and tripod for the process. That chick had been working for too long and was very tired. I’m not sure if it will live, but we’ll see. That video should end up on the hatching page too, but right now it’s not finished.

This counts as science for homeschooling, right? ;O) Science in our living room – I like that!

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