Who says couponing can't be healthy?

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Today I did a coupon run to Lowe’s Foods. They’re tripling coupons this week, after not holding a triples promotion for about a year.

My total before coupons and scanning my card was $104 something. After all the coupons, here is what I bought:

2 kids’ toothbrushes
2 tubes Colgate whitening toothpaste
1 bottle bathroom cleaner
4 packages Gerber Graduates baby munchies
6 cans reduced sodium Progresso soup
8 boxes frozen Green Giant veggies
12 bags steamfresh veggies
1 3-roll package paper towel
6 boxes microwave popcorn
3 warm delight brownie bowls

While I did buy a few snacks (we LOVE popcorn), for the most part what I bought was healthy food. That goes to prove you CAN buy healthy foods with coupons. Yesterday I was able to buy 100% whole wheat bread, brown rice, and some link sausage and bratwurst (high in sodium but as little as we eat it, I don’t mind once in a while. And we love it).

I had clipped some $1 off 3 steamfresh veggies coupons, thinking they’d be a good deal if I found them on sale somewhere. While I was getting some of the other veggies today, I noticed that the steamfresh really were on sale. While the $1 coupons didn’t triple (or double), they still made each bag about $.60 if I remember correctly. Canned veggies are cheaper than that, but there’s more in a bag than in a can and the taste is SO much better. Then, as I put the veggies in my cart, a lady asked me if I wanted any more of the steamfresh coupons. She gave me two more coupons, and I ended up with 6 more packages of vegetables. It was great!

My total out of pocket today – $35.09. My freezer is pretty full of veggies. I’m happy. I’m going back tomorrow, but I need to go back through my coupons again because they were out of a few things today that I wanted. We’re starting to have to get creative with pantry storage space, but that’s just fine with me. It’s all food we actually eat. Well, we don’t eat the brownies on a regular basis, but they’re a nice treat every now and then. :O)

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4 thoughts on “Who says couponing can't be healthy?”

  1. What a blessing with the triple coupon days you have down there! I canned all the apples we had on our two trees and made apple sauce and apple butter! 🙂
    Plus Jon gets free tomatoes and peppers from work so I have been canning those-then I was able to get 3 more bushel of apples off freecycle-so I am finding canning a wonderful thing-and a lost art-now I am looking for a pressure caner so I can can more than just the acidic items-sure does help out on the budget!

  2. I think I figured all me trips for couponing I didn’t even spend 90.00 and I spent that much on one trip the other week. I LOVE Triples!!! I am so glad you explained it to me. I got to get alot of things I have to buy everyweek. Now I am stocked up for awhile. Thanks Melody for the Help.

  3. Great job on the couponing!! Those steamfresh veggies were on sale here a few weeks ago they were 10/10.00 and I had 10 1.00 off coupons, I WAS OVER THE MOON HAPPY,lol.Of course by the time I got there the only veggies they had left were green beans and corn but hey we eat both of those so surely didn’t mind getting them for free!!! My hubby just kind of giggles at me at how excited I get to get things free or nearly free.
    Some weeks it seems its getting harder and harder to stretch the grocery money so when you can stock up like you have today its a great feeling, again GREAT JOB!!!

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