We have heat

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I am so humbled by how God chooses to work in our lives. The ways He chooses to provide never cease to amaze me.

On Sunday, our thermostat quit working. Monday, we went to the store and bought a new one. Stephen installed it, and. . .nothing. We then discovered that we’d accidentally bought one that didn’t work with the system we have.

Stephen picked up a different one on his way home from work yesterday, and called a technician to come out here, just in case it wasn’t the thermostat that was broken.

Thankfully, it was just the thermostat. Now we have a brand new programmable thermostat, and the heat is working. I’m so thankful! We use our fireplace a lot in the winter, to offset our electric bill. We’ve had a way to keep warm, but it’s become pretty chilly in here at night when the fire has gone out. I’m thankful it hasn’t been colder outside.

I’ve heard over and over how a programmable thermostat can save you money, and we’ll see if it actually helps us. We didn’t buy it because it was programmable – we bought it because it was compatible with what we already have. It would be nice if it does help us save on our electricity!

Here’s what is a real blessing to me though. Yesterday I started a new piano student. The tuition money my student paid me came just in time for us to pay the technician to fix our heat.

God’s timing truly is perfect.

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10 thoughts on “We have heat”

  1. It’s wonderful when things fall into place isnt it? No one but God could do that. We have had programmable thermostats and they do save money because they are more efficient even when you are home all the time. You can set it lower during your waking hours and up at night when you are afraid of the little ones getting cold! You can come over one day and have a cup of tea with me! I”ll share 8o)

  2. Yea, so glad it all worked out and God showed Himself mighty by providing just the amount you needed. He sure is good!

    btw, I added you to my bloglines!

  3. Trixi, we’re always home too. I’m curious how that will affect things.

    Deborah, He sure is, isn’t HE?!

    Kimberly, I would love to turn the heat lower at night am a bit hesitant to with a baby in the house. So far so good, though.

  4. We have a programmable thermostat and have it set to turn way down overnight–we’re in Iowa so the beds are layered anyway–and we are also on “peak hours” with our electric co. I think that is Summer though (our air is off when the city is at peak). No problem, though. We keep the house cool during Winter. Too cool for me personally, but an extra blanket is okay for the money saved.

  5. God is faithful there is no doubt about it. We have a programmable thermostat and I do think it helps with the electric bill. However, we are always home so ours runs a little high anyway.

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