Running through the house

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My husband just took off running through the house chasing our four-year-old. There was a container of cornbread on the counter, and S grabbed it and took off running. Stephen took chase. This was after they had a mock argument over who was going to get to eat it.

My cornbread is good, but I didn’t realize it was that good. Good thing there were two pieces left!

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5 thoughts on “Running through the house”

  1. Heather – I’ve never tried cornbread with buttermilk. IN the cornbread, yes. But not WITH it.

    Trixi, I’ll try to post it soon.

    Karen, thanks. The cornbread is just a basic recipe – the Betty Crocker recipe tweaked, just a little bit.

    Tori, thanks!

  2. I can’t make cornbread – it’s not a Yankee thing 😉 maybe you could teach me sometime! Sounds like yours is pretty good 😉

    Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. Time certainly is fleeting. I pray that God gives your family peace. {{hugs}}

  3. mmmmm cornbread and butter milk would be so good today. too bad I don’t have a fridge to put buttermilk in though 8o(

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