I cut my hair

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I went and had my hair cut a couple weeks ago. It used to be waist length, and I loved it. The length was great, but it just didn’t look nice any more. The ends were getting really thin and bedraggled, so I decided to get it cut.

The stylist cut it into long layers. She took off 10 inches from the longest layer. I absolutely love it. It’s so much more flattering than the old hairstyle was. There are so many more options with this style. It’s great.

Another plus about this cut is that now that my hair is shorter, the natural wave comes out more. When it was long, there were some waves, but the length pulled out most of the curl. Now, I can put some mousse in it and the amount of curl that shows up surprises me.

Melody's new haircut

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3 thoughts on “I cut my hair”

  1. I have always wished I had some curl in my hair. My sister is the only one of all of us who has any.

    I did notice when I cut the 3 inches off of mine the other week, there was a wave in one section on my left side. Unfortunately, it won’t last long.

  2. Thanks! I didn’t donate it. She took off 9 in the first time, then I told her to go shorter. She didn’t tell me the length requirement until it was too late.
    That’s what I told her about the shortest layer – it had to be long enough to go into a ponytail.

  3. did you donate the cut hair? it’s looks great btw. I need to get mine cut. I kinda want it short but with it longer I can always pull it up if nothing else!

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