My first bee sting

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One of our bees got me Sunday night. What’s funny is it’s my first bee sting I’ve ever had. I’m 29. We’ve even had beehives for a year – and I haven’t gotten stung until this week. Weird.

The girls were acting pretty agitated, so when we got home from church Sunday night I was trying to keep my distance while watching them. Apparently I still got too close, because one of the bees flew up my skirt and stung me.

It’s driving me nuts. It’s a huge red spot – warm and really itchy. I’m trying not to scratch, but I’m not doing so great. :O) Hopefully it’ll get better soon. What gets me is that the sting itself didn’t hurt that bad, but the reaction to it is driving me crazy.

I told my best friend (the one that’s an RN) about it and how I reacted and she wonders if I’m allergic to bee stings. I hope I’m not. Just in case though, we’re keeping Benadryl in the house for any one of us who may need it.

So. Baking soda has become my friend, lol. Hopefully today will be better than yesterday!

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2 thoughts on “My first bee sting”

  1. Ah, bee stings… yuck! If the irritation is where you got stung, that’s normal. If you get red and swelling say, on your other leg or arm or whatever, then you would be considered allergic. So, I think you’re O.K. And don’t run for the Benydryl unless you REALLY need it…

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