Bees bearding

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Here’s a picture I took Sunday afternoon of our bees. We’ve seen them beard around the entrance of the hive before, but never to this extent.

I wasn’t wearing the bee suit so I didn’t want to get too close (and this was before I got stung, lol). It was interesting trying to get a good macro shot while still keeping my distance.

One of these days I want to suit up and get some really close shots of the frames inside.

You can click the picture to get a closer view. Notice the chain of bees hanging off the bottom. This just fascinates me!

honeybees bearding around hive entrance

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6 thoughts on “Bees bearding”

  1. Lori, I don’t know how they do when it’s that cold. We’re going to have to feed ours this winter (a sugar water syrup) because they don’t have enough stores to keep them through the winter. It seems like it’d be the same even in colder climates.

  2. Melody- This is so interesting. Once we get back to Montana, this is something that we would like to do. I’m not sure how it will work there with the really cold weather and all. But who knows…

    Sorry to hear about the bee sting. I have been stung where it hurt really bad – with no side effects. Then I’ve been just barely stung with alot of itching and burning.

  3. Tina, they beard when they’re crowded inside, when they’re hot, and when there’s a honey flow. In our case, there’s a honey flow – so they’re trying to fan to evaporate the extra water from the honey quicker.
    Stephen also thinks that part of it is them downsizing the hive – so some of the “kicked out” bees were still hanging around front.

  4. Sorry about you getting stung. What is bearding anyway? What I mean is why do bees do this? My dh would love to start a hive for honey.

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