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I almost stopped at the Value Village thrift store yesterday, but ended up not going. That was a good thing. Today, I called my friend Stephanie for a totally different reason, and she told me that Value Village was doing a half off sale today. As soon as Stephen got home from work, I headed up there.

It was crazy – I got SO many clothes today! I went looking for the guys, and did pretty well for all of them. Some of the prices I don’t remember exactly, but here’s a list of what came home with me:

For Stephen:
4 polo shirts (brands like Nautica and Chaps for about $2.50 each)
2 pairs of khakis ($2.25 for one and $4.50 for the other pair)

Two sleeveless tops ($.75 and $1.25) – great for layering. The $.75 one is 100% silk!
3 pairs of “fun” socks. I have a thing for funky socks, lol. ($.30 and $.40 a pair)

1 Duck Head vest ($1)
3 polos (Baby Gap – it looks brand new – paid $1 for it)
Most important – a new-to-him John Deere t-shirt ($.50) LOL!

3 t-shirts
1 long-sleeved dress shirt (about $1)
2 pairs dress pants (Old Navy and Children’s Place – $1 each)
1 pair Carter’s sweat pants – brand new, never worn (also $1)
1 long-sleeved romper/play outfit (one piece, shirt and pants – Children’s Place, $1.25)

Overall I spent $32.01 and some change. It was a real blessing to be able to go. I keep a running list of our clothing needs in my Palm and it’s nice to be able to take so many of those needs off the list.

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  1. I just love when Value Village has a half off sale! I have been looking for a royal blue bed skirt for my bed and found one to fit for 1.00 and its Martha Stewart! Can’t beat that. Also some new skirts and a shirt or two also a nice purse. I just love good sales.

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