The new WordPress admin panel

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I just have to say that this new WordPress admin panel is great! I just upgraded this week, and the changes are refreshing. It’s been somewhat of a challenge to find things since the layout is different, but that’s ok.

Whoever wrote the code has a sense of humor though. I accidentally tried to compare a post revision to itself, and it sent the software into a fake self-destruct sequence. Brilliant. It was a great laugh!

I can’t wait to see what other surprises there are in the new interface!

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2 thoughts on “The new WordPress admin panel”

  1. Lol, Tami! My initial reaction was, “Whaaa?” I was completely confused about what it was doing, lol! Then I realized it was a joke. I knew it wouldn’t really self-destruct, but I had no CLUE what it was doing.

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