Sharing a room, revisited

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Stephanie asked how the boys did sharing a room. They did great! Much better than I expected, to be honest. S has some adjusting to do, as C wakes earlier than he does. I’m on the fence about that one myself – it means I have to get out of bed earlier myself if I want to have my quiet time before the boys awake! But that’s ok. Those still, quiet hours of the morning are my favorite time of day.

We put the boys down Saturday night, wondering how it would go. We went to get into bed ourselves, and all of a sudden, we heard S yelling through the baby monitor. “Mommy! C wants you!” But the thing is – C was completely quiet. I’m not sure if it was S’s way of telling me he wanted his room to himself or what. He was SO excited that he got to share his room with his little brother!

We did have an adventure yesterday afternoon though. Every Sunday we each take a nap between services. It’s a pretty long day for the boys, so even though S doesn’t take a nap other days of the week, those Sunday naps really help.

We put the boys down and left the room. I sat down in the recliner and dozed off. The I woke up to a sound – not the sound of my alarm – but to laughter. Those two boys sat in their room for an hour laughing at each other. It brings a smile to my face right now, just thinking about it.

They were SO tired last night though! Today was a pretty long day too, because they were both tired. But they went down for bed well again. So far, so good.

I’m personally loving having my room back. I took down the pack and play today and put it away, and then rearranged the furniture in our room. It looks so much better now without that pink and purple playpen in there! And don’t knock the pink – I might have boys – but I’m not going to complain when something like that is free!

So overall, things are going very well. I’m very thankful!

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2 thoughts on “Sharing a room, revisited”

  1. Wow Heather. I didn’t know he had a sister! HA! He does play with stuffed animals though – “Mommy – look at my kids! This one is my sister. Her name is Johnny.” And he’s completely serious when he says it too.

  2. S told me in church he has his baby sister and brother in his room with him. He actulay said both lol

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