Quilting questions

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Mommy of two little blessings asked a couple of questions in a comment recently. She asked about the square quilt, if it was done on a diagonal.

That quilt is called Trip Around the World. There’s a really good how-to at quiltville.com. That’s not the way my mother-in-law showed me how to piece it, but the directions at quiltville seem easier to me. Faster, at least. It looks diagonal, but it isn’t.

The star quilt is called Starflower. The pattern is at quilterscache.com. I did some of the cutting differently, but only because my fabric was all precut squares left over from the Trip Around the World quilt. The dimensions are different too – I think my blocks are a bit smaller.

She also asked what my favorite part about quilting was. It’s definitely the piecework. I’m not really sure why, it just is. Maybe one of these days I’ll get better at the hand quilting, and then THAT can be my favorite. . .but that’ll be a while. :O) I’m a really slow hand quilter!

Thanks for asking!

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