Homeschool Memoirs #3 – Routines

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This week’s assignment is to share about our routines, and then a prayer of ours for the school year.

Routines are something I really struggle with. Things go so well when we have a set routine, but it’s the establishing of routines that’s hard for me.

We don’t have a set time for when we start school. That’s because we start when C goes down for his morning nap. S is still adjusting to school in general, and having little brother playing right beside him proves to be more of a distraction than anything else right now. Since C’s nap time varies, our school start time varies as well.

We always start with Bible, then do Phonics/Handwriting/Reading, Numbers, and then the Readiness Skills or whatever other activity we have planned for that day. Throughout the rest of the day we work on things like recognizing letters on packages or papers, and counting various objects around the house. As we get more accustomed to homeschooling, I’m wanting to settle into more set times. But it does work for us like this though.

My prayer for this school year is to really get into a good routine of homeschooling. Right now it’s new enough that my schedule still seems disorganized. It’s been a challenge to juggle everything.

You’ll probably see assignment #4 in a day or so – they’re posted on Wednesdays and I’m hoping to get caught up this week. :O)

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