Gas in the car

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What a praise. Stephen drives 300 to 500 miles a week for work. As of today, he had already driven 400 miles. That was before he left for work this morning. He needed to get gas today.

I called Stephen on his cell a while after he left to let him know which account to use for gas. I had just gotten off the phone with him when his boss called. I told him Stephen had already left, but that he should be able to reach him on his cell.

Then Stephen called me back. His boss had called to tell him to stay home because of gas prices. Since he’d left two hours earlier though, he told him he’d meet him somewhere and fill his car up with gas.

I was floored.

Then – his boss ended up following him home so that he could gas up my van too. He would have – except every single gas station in our town is out of gas (I cannot wait for this gas shortage to be over with).

I’m not disappointed about not having gas in my van – I didn’t have plans for the next day or so anyway. I am extremely humbled that he would think to consider my van.

God is so good. I love seeing how He provides in ways I never expect!

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4 thoughts on “Gas in the car”

  1. Wow – what a blessing! We are fortunate with gas here (military base) but I still am stretching it as much as I can – trying to only fill up twice a month at the most.

  2. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. God is so good!Just as I had posted on my blog – God is there waiting to be a help to us. What a blessing, I just received by something that your husband’s boss did. Wow!

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