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We made a train the other day to help S learn blends in phonics. I let him help me make it – and we had an absolute blast. We used card stock – regular printer card stock for the background and scrapbooking card stock for the train itself.

The curriculum suggested using sticky notes on the train with each letter printed on it. I had already made up some 3×5 alphabet flash cards with letters on them, so we used those in the train cars. When we glued each car down, we only glued three of the sides so that there would be a pocket for the letter card to fit into.

The letter flashcards are blank 3×5 cards with manuscript letters on one side and cursive on the other. They’re just cards I made in Word and printed up myself.

Each car is on a separate sheet of card stock. The train is shortened easily, and it will be easy to store too. I was going to use posterboard, but the only piece I found in the closet was too banged up to use. This turned out nicer than the posterboard would have anyway. :O)

It turned out really well. It uses S’s favorite colors, and he loves trains, so he likes it. I’m hoping to be able to use it for years to come too.

This is what it looks like with all five vowel cards lined up. We don’t use all five at once, but here they all are together:

phonics blends train

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3 thoughts on “Blend train”

  1. Thanks, Heather. Patience is definitely not one of my strong points, and homeschooling is definitely a lesson in patience!
    S doesn’t get mad at me – but does want me to tell him the answer. With him, in handwriting, he wants to trace what I’ve written or have me guide his hand. That’s fine, but since he needs to learn to do it himself, he does need to try on his own. It’s been quite the learning process.
    Hang in there!

  2. Yall did a good job with the train. I wish I had enough patience to teah Emi. She is reading now and it is trying my nerves. We are using Dr Seuss at home since the book they send home to read in is read at school and I think she just memorizes it. I figured Dr S would be good b/c of the repitition. She has a hard time focusing and doesnt want to do what I know she is capable of. I hope I can help her get to where she is reading above her level. I know she can do it, she just hates sitting still. Plus she gets mad when I say “sound it out” instead of telling her the answer! Hopefully it will get better. The look on her face though when she gets it by herself is priceless!

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