Another triples trip

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Stephen stopped by HT on his way from work today, and did really well. That surprised me. A lot of the coupons he took were for free items – which I incorrectly assumed would be out of stock. Some of the items were gone, but not all of them like I thought. The store he stopped at is farther from our house, so we don’t generally go to that one for triples. It’d be nice if it were closer though because the store is huge and really well-stocked. I’m thankful he could stop there today though!

He spent $10.20 and saved $31.31, and only used 14 coupons. I told him I had half a mind to go back in to the closest HT tonight and use the other 6, lol. I’d do an entirely new coupon run but want to stay within their 20 coupons per household per day rule.

There is more grocery shopping we need to do, but most of what we need right now is not on our triples list. It’s cheaper to get those things elsewhere though. We’ll be in town tomorrow morning for soulwinning, and we could go grocery shopping then, but that makes for a really long morning with the extra stops.

Ah. Decisions, decisions. It’ll all work out. Now, if I can ever make up my mind!

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