My tooth feels funny

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I am now the lucky owner of a temporary dental crown. Yay, lol!

For years, I’ve had a small cap on my front tooth from where it broke when I was in grade school. Today I went to the dentist to begin the process of getting a permanent crown on that tooth.

It went pretty well, and surprisingly, didn’t really hurt. I was expecting it to hurt. Well, the procedure didn’t hurt, but it’s starting to ache a bit now.

It’s strange, now that the meds are starting to wear off. My upper lip and my nose both feel strange, and I think the crown is going to take some getting used to. Things just feel different around the tooth.

My favorite part was getting to watch a movie while they did the work. There were a few times when the dentist’s hands were in the way, so even though I saw most of the ending, I’m not really sure why it ended the way it did. Oh well. I’m not a huge tv watcher (I’ve threatened to cut our tv cord more times than I can count!), but it was a welcome distraction today.

Now, I get to go back for impressions in a week or so, and then I’ll get a permanent crown after that. At least the long part’s over with!

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