Compliment on my quilt

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Stephen’s mom stopped by last night, and while she was here, looked at the quilt I just finished. Her comment? “You did a good job.” Coming from her, that means a LOT. She is a phenomenal quilter, and to receive a compliment like that really made my day. It’s far from perfect, and I was actually pretty nervous about what she would say about it. It was a surprise to hear her say she thought I did well.

Here’s a picture of the quilt on my rocking chair, with the matching pillow I made a long time ago.

Starflower scrap quilt with matching pillow

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4 thoughts on “Compliment on my quilt”

  1. It looks great to me! I know what you mean about getting your mom-in-law’s compliment in an area that she shines in, though. I enjoy that too! 🙂

  2. LOL! Quilting is so relaxing for me, but it is a long process. It’s so nice to see finished projects because they’re so long in coming!

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