Today was a long day

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Wow – today was such a long day! How do some days seem to fly by while others seem to stretch on forever?

It started as a normal day. The first “big” event of the day was when S accidentally flipped over the bouncy seat – with C in it. I had only been out of the room for a moment. He says it was an accident, and based on what he told me, I believe him. C’s terrified screams sure scared this mommy – but they really scared S too. I really hope he learned his lesson and will be more careful next time.

Then instead of doing anything productive, lol, I sewed myself a PDA cover. It’s pink and red and matches my purse, the organizer in it, and my checkbook cover. Because I happen to like that particular combination of pink and red (cranberry? maroon? wine? burgundy? whatever). I need to do something about the purse straps soon too. I replaced the one strap that it originally had with two – but for some insane reason didn’t put anything in the straps to stabilize them. So now they’re really worn out and just plain need to be replaced. But I really didn’t feel like ripping my purse apart right now to redo straps, so I just put everything in an old (storebought, lol) purse for now. That’s actually when S flipped over the bouncy – when I left the room to get my old purse.

I wanted to switch everything over to the other purse because Saturday we’re going to an old-fashioned revival-type meeting with other members of our church. I think it might be geared toward youth but I’m really not sure. It’s Bro. Alfred Willis’ church – that much I DO know. That and it’s a 3 hour drive. So since we’ll be taking so much stuff with us for our boys, I figured I’d take a slightly larger purse so I could fit my smaller Bible inside it to carry it easier. I’m excited about the meeting, even if we do have to leave the church at 7:30 a.m. That part just makes me laugh.

S and I also went outside and picked some tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers. The cukes went to the chickens because they’d already turned yellow. The tomatoes are threatening to take over my kitchen table (there’s maybe 100 of them on the table – they’re threatening our family meal time). I really need to can tomorrow.

Then we left for church for piano lessons and youth choir. We had a little incident of Mama Bear coming out when I found out how much little C had been passed around. I don’t mind people holding him but I do mind having to search through the church to figure out who has my son. I pick up a teen girl on the way to youth choir (she’s the same girl that watches my boys while I teach lessons at the house too). When she told me that the other teens wouldn’t let her have my C back – when she’s the one that was supposed to be watching him – well, let’s just say that won’t happen again.

I’m proud of my babysitter. She tried to do what was right. And if other people can’t handle her trying to follow my wishes, then they can just take it up with me. My boys are too precious for me to have to worry about who they’re with and why I can’t find them. I’m all for letting a teenager hold my baby once in a while, but if things keep going the way they did tonight, I’ll teach piano lessons with a baby on my hip if I have to. If they can’t listen to her, I’ll just keep the baby with me and remove that part of the equation entirely.

Once I got home and the boys put in bed, there was a knock on the door. At 10:00 at night. Our dog had gotten loose and the neighbors brought him home to us. I’m glad we have such good neighbors.

Then I checked the tracking number for the digital camera I ordered this week. It got mis-sent somehow. That was disappointing; I was hoping it would arrive in time for my birthday tomorrow (even though it’s not a birthday present). Oh well. Hopefully it won’t take TOO much longer to get here!

So – there’s my long day – the not-so-short version. LOL! I hope tomorrow is a WHOLE lot less eventful than today was! Hmm. Maybe I’ll let S help me bake my birthday cake. He’d love that. . .

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5 thoughts on “Today was a long day”

  1. I hear ya about your long day. I had one of those myself. I thought my last day at my old work would go off without a hitch. What was I thinking?!?!?! ANyways. HOpe you have a happy birthday!

  2. Long days happen, don’t they?! I know exactly what you mean about passing the baby around. My Beth was born in January, right in the middle of flu season, and all the teenagers thought they’d get to carry her all over the place. Wrong! They thought I was mean, but oh well. Nobody even vaguely remembers that now.

    Tomorrow’s a brand new day! 🙂

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