Organic cheaper than regular

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My friend Karen and I went shopping today. I had a blast. It was so fun! We took my monstrous blue tank because her vehicle wouldn’t fit 3 carseats in the back, and my 8 passenger van would. LOL! We went to the mall (which was actually the first time I’d been in over 2 years), and then stopped at Walmart to buy another can of formula for C.

Apparently Walmart has their prices different than the shelf reads – but tonight that ended up being a good thing. There was none of my usual brand on the shelf, so I asked the lady behind the counter if there was more. She went to check, but returned saying they were completely out. Karen pointed out that the organic formula was only a couple dollars more. I grabbed the organic, figuring it was the closest to the kind I had been buying.

Then it rang up $.88 cheaper than the plain ‘ole regular kind. Ok – I’ll take it – organic cheaper than the regular.

If only that applied to everything. Wouldn’t that be nice!

I do hope that it’s close enough to the other kind that C will tolerate it well. He’s done okay on formula, but we have found that some brands agree with him better than others. But the price break was nice, even if it was a small one.

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