Making stromboli

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S loves to help me in the kitchen. My mom’s cousin sent down a construction apron for him, and he loves to wear it. I love that his clothes don’t end up covered in mess.

You’ll notice that in the picture it looks like I’m scooping out coffee. I’m not. We buy our cheese in bulk, and the coffee cans were the almost the right size to hold the cheese.

I’m eating a slice right now, and it’s good. :O)

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7 thoughts on “Making stromboli”

  1. Hi. Popped by from Hskubes (Christina’s) blog. I had to say that your little one’s apron is adorable. 🙂 My kiddos (my 2 older ones) got aprons from Grandma for Christmas one year. They love them and I love not having to treat the stains from cooking/crafts. 🙂

    Have a blessed day

  2. Is there any left? lol That is a good idea with the coffee can. Glad you and Sam had a good time.

  3. Deborah, it was a lot of fun. He’s such a good helper.
    Heather, he does make a mess – most of the time my arms are around him, guiding his hands. I think I tell him a dozen times to be careful. But he loves to help – and it’s so fun to watch him learn. So I let him.

  4. thats great that he loves to help. Emi does too but she is impatient and makes a big ole mess

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