Lessons in brownie making

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I learned something about making brownies today. It helps if you have eggs in the house.

Except we ate the last of the eggs for breakfast this morning. Oops.

But thankfully, we have chickens. S and I headed outside to see if there were at least 2 eggs so we could finish making our brownies for tonight. There were 10. I had to carry them all with my skirt – I didn’t even think to bring the egg bucket down with us. Oh well.

Oh. My. Word. These brownies are going to be SO good. We recently switched to butter from using margarine. . .and wow. Super fresh eggs and real butter. That is the best brownie batter I have EVER eaten. The brownies are about to go in the oven right now (and yes, there is enough batter left for the brownies).

It’s a good thing there’ll be extra people here to help eat the brownies. I’d really be in trouble if that whole pan were here just for our family.

Next I’ll start the pizza. Well, after we eat lunch, that is. Then it will be ready to just pop in the oven at dinnertime. . .

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5 thoughts on “Lessons in brownie making”

  1. Thanks, Heather. It was wonderful!
    Kimberly, I’m like that too. That’s why I made the brownies last night – so our babysitters could help us eat them. Thankfully they are gone now and no longer calling my name. At least I didn’t put chocolate chips in them – it would have been even harder then – chocolate chunk brownies are the BEST!

  2. Oh, wow. I cannot make any type of brownie (scratch or box) without somebody to guard the pan. I am a cheese & cracker snacker, but I will devastate a pan of brownies if left to my own devices!

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