Pink shoes

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God has done it again – He provided a whole bunch of new-to-me clothes! I am so excited!

A lady from church had gone through her closet and had some things for me. It was so fun to go through everything. She has such a classy sense of style and all the clothes were in great condition.

There was also a bag of shoes. It’s crazy – she and I are almost the same size in both clothes AND shoes. There was a brand new pair of navy shoes in there, which fit perfectly. I’ve been wanting a pair of blue shoes to go with my navy skirts. But an incredibly fun discovery was a pair of pink pumps. I’m not sure if I have anything to go with them but they fit and are SO cute.

Stephen had a great time laughing at me while I tried everything on. Some of the jumpers and sleeveless dresses were snug in my shoulders and he thought it was pretty funny watching me trying to fit into them.

There were quite a few things that almost fit but are still a bit too small. They’re going into my back closet for now – but are definitely motivation to get more of this weight off. But I did get into a size 8 skirt – it must be an awfully large size 8 for me to get into it, lol.

It was also neat to see some of the things she had paired together. Basic jumpers, but with blouses or pretty sweaters layered over top. I have a bazillion jumpers, but often forget that tops can be worn over them for a totally different look. And being able to mix and match all of those layers – wow. It puts SO many more options in my wardrobe.

It was a massive encouragement. I’ve been slowly building my wardrobe back up while I work on losing weight, but to have some more nice clothes -right now- is a real blessing.

Isn’t it neat how God knows just when to provide some of our wants along with our needs?

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