It smells good in here

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There’s a huge pot of apples on the stove right now, and they smell SO good!

We’re going to borrow my mother-in-law’s apple peeler, but some of the apple were so small they wouldn’t have been worth the work. So. . .we washed and quartered them and threw them into the pot. We’ll strain them once they’re cooked enough. It’s my first time making applesauce this way so I’m really curious how it will turn out.

I’m also wanting to make slow-cooker apple butter and apple peel jelly, but I’m waiting to see how this batch of applesauce turns out first.

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2 thoughts on “It smells good in here”

  1. Lori, not so hot. I don’t know if it was the kind of apple or what. It was this really weird, smooth pasty stuff. Our goats like it, but the texture is really weird. A spoon will stand up in it!

    We borrowed the peeler so I’m going to try again with peeled apples. The first batch was so thick that it was really hard to press it through the strainer. Maybe things will go better this time around. Who knows, lol!

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