Goat's milk

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Got this question in the comments this morning. . .

Do y’all drink that goats milk? How does goat milk taste?

Well, we would drink it, if we still had it. When Saphena was born, we didn’t milk Sasha that much because the baby needed the milk. We wanted to wait til she was a little bit older before we milked her. Unfortunately, the baby was biting her so much that she had sores – so we didn’t want to aggravate things. By the time the sores healed, her milk had dried up.

I never did drink any. I was pregnant and didn’t want to drink the raw milk without being used to it. Stephen had some and said it tasted “fine” but I never did taste it.

Saphena is old enough now to become a mama herself (she’s 13 months old) but so far, neither of our girls has gotten pregnant. I’m hoping for some goat babies soon, but none so far.

I’m hoping to post some pics soon that I took the other day of the goats. My digital camera died, and my friend Stephanie loaned me her camera. Hers is really nice! I got some GREAT shots around here, but everything is still on my hard drive. . .

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2 thoughts on “Goat's milk”

  1. Melody,

    Hopefully one day, we will have a place where we can have goats. My sister in law grew up drinking goat’s milk all the time. My brother would not touch it, because we were raised in the city. Some of their children still drink goat’s milk. I have bought some at the store. I liked the taste a lot better than cow’s milk – that’s my opinion.:)

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