Fourth of July fun

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We had a cookout at church last night. It was SO fun. It started pouring right before we were ready to eat, but let up just in time for us to go shoot off some fireworks.

It’s great – the church sits down off the road and has a very long driveway. The men go light the fireworks halfway up the drive. The rest of us can sit back by the church and enjoy the display.

Then after all the “big ones” are gone, the kids light sparklers. It’s great.

There was also a t-shirt decorating contest. S had a blast making his (at MawMaw’s house Thursday night – nothing like waiting til the last minute!). C hated making his – as soon as I touched his hand to the paint he started squalling. He was furious! It was funny. I painted the words “Little Firecracker” on his shirt. It suits him.

I made one too (well, sort of – it wasn’t patriotic). Right before we left for church, I put it on only to discover that it was waaaay too tight. I bought the same size t-shirt that I’ve been wearing but a different brand. Even though this shirt was labeled “not too loose, not too tight” it was way too tight. I can’t believe how society’s standards have changed today – there’s no way I’d consider that thing modest. Now I can’t decide whether or not to keep the shirt for when I lose more weight or to just give it away or sell it or something. Grr. I almost bought the next size up, but didn’t. But I’m not even 100% sure that would have fit. Ugh.

But anyway, here are some pictures. I tried taking pictures with and without flash – got some pretty neat ones even if they aren’t all perfectly clear.

Me holding Little Bit for the t-shirt judging

S trying to blow his sparkler out

I just love how this picture captured everything

Popsicles and sparklers – what a great combination

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