First haircut

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Little C got his first haircut today. Poor little guy – he’s lost most of his hair since birth, but the front of his hair was over two inches long and looked really silly. So I grabbed a pair of scissors and evened things up a little. I’m really going to miss the wild hair he had, but that’s ok. The new hair that’s growing in looks more blond than brown – I’m really curious what color he’ll end up with.

This little guy is such a carbon copy of his daddy! But what gets me is he really doesn’t look like Stephen’s baby pictures. . .

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6 thoughts on “First haircut”

  1. Thanks, y’all.
    Kelly, we are back there after being in IN. The preacher is David Reed – there’s a link to the church’s new site in my Links section. We love him and his family.
    The goat question I’ll answer in another post. . .
    The math thing is just an anti-spam step. I get a TON of spam comments so it’s nice to have something to help cut down on that.

  2. Melody,

    You boys are SO cute! Both of them! But the baby has the cutest smile!!!! And those big beautiful eyes. I Love them!

    I’m SO glad things are going well with you and your family. Are you still at Pilgrim? What is the name of the preacher there? Is he good?

    Do y’all drink that goats milk? How does goat milk taste?

    Well bye for now,


    P.S. What is that 4 plus 7 thing? To see how smart {or dumb} we are? LOL

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