Redoing my household notebook

It’s crazy how schedules can change around so often! I had gotten out of the habit of following my master schedule for a while – so when I opened it up the other day I was amazed at how much our schedule had really changed. I’ve also been wanting to redo my cleaning schedule, so while I’m at it, I’ll add those changes too.

I also get to start another binder soon. School starts soon and I don’t want all the homeschool stuff in my household notebook. Well, I’d love it in there, but my binder is so big already that I’ll just start a different notebook for homeschool-related stuff. What fun!

2 thoughts on “Redoing my household notebook

  1. Stephanie, I ended up making an entirely different binder, just for recipes. Actually, now I have two binders – one for special ideas (like themed meals), and one with all the recipes I’ve printed or clipped. Every so often I go through and take out recipes we don’t use. Which reminds me. . .it’s time to go do that again too. . .

  2. That is what I am doing. It is time to purge this crazy stuff we never use. Also I have so many recipes I have cut out of magazines and stuff. I have decide unless it is a “family recipe” its gone. There are so many recipe sites on the computer now. I sure I can find them there. Have a nice day Melody!

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