Apple picking

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Apple picking is so much fun!

Stephen works from home today (I love that job of his!), so he was able to go with us before he had to start working. Heh. He took the lawn tractor, and hitched up our sled to the back of it. The sled is a wooden platform with runners on the bottom – he built it to haul firewood up to the house with. He attached the sled, put a laundry basket in it, let S get in, and then took off for the neighbors’ house in it. I took C in the stroller with me.

What was so fun is this tree had several really low branches, so S could actually pick a good bit of the apples himself. He was just running around laughing because he was having such a good time.

Then Stephen climbed to the top of one of the trees to shake a few of the really ripe apples down from the top. S was so concerned. He was so worried his daddy would fall out of the tree and get hurt.

We almost filled our laundry basket. The apples are small, so instead of peeling them, we’ll just wash and quarter them before cooking. It wouldn’t be worth the work to try and peel and core them first. Ah. . .applesauce. I can’t wait!

I’m so thankful for these apples – and for neighbors who are kind enough to share them with us!

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