Checking the hives

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Stephen opened up the hives last night so that we could get some pictures. The bees were pretty feisty, even after he smoked them, so we didn’t get as many pictures as we were hoping to get.

Removing a frame from Mercy

A frame from Mercy – full of new comb and uncapped honey

A closer look at the frame

Replacing the feeding jar on Mercy (we’re still feeding them to ensure they get going really strong)

Smoking Grace before removing frames

These two hives have really been working hard. There is a LOT of new comb and uncapped honey. It’s good to see active hives again!

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6 thoughts on “Checking the hives”

  1. I love the new look!! And you have my favorite flower on there. I’m jealous lol. The bees are looking good. Did I ever tell you of the time I had a neighbor at our old house who had beehives? we had the Homeowners assoc have them get rid of them………they were against our rules. Plus I wasn’t happy to have them swarm all over my plants. I”ll tell you the full story one day. Let me know if you get enough to sell. I would be insterested in a jar or 2.

  2. Thanks, Kimberly. That’s too funny. They did try to sting him a couple times – I kept a bit of distance because I kept getting mental images of bees up my skirt!
    Deborah, that is neat!

  3. First, the new layout is lovely!

    My uncle raises bees. I don’t care for honey, but I bake with it alot. I just love the “real” stuff.

    That said, I am absolutely terrified of bees and wasps. Any winged, sting creature. It’s a crazy fear, but I was looking at those photos and I was afraid for Stephen! I’m such a dork!

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