Yellow squash: Day one

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We just picked the first of our yellow squash. There were thirteen of them, and they overflowed a gallon bucket. There are at least that many (if not more) still on the vine, that were just a bit too small to pick. They’ll be ready before the end of the week. And there were a bazillion blossoms (I know, some of the blossoms are male, and won’t produce squash, but still). There’s going to be WAY more than I imagined.

We’ll be eating squash a lot this summer. . .

Oh yeah – I planted the hills too close as well. It was fun trying to get in between them. The thought of how it will be by summer’s end is a rather funny mental picture.

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3 thoughts on “Yellow squash: Day one”

  1. Wow, Lori! We’re planning on canning a bunch of ours – but we have to borrow my mother-in-law’s pressure canner because we don’t have one.
    Tammy, LOL!

  2. Melody, I remember the first summer we planted a garden. Out of 5 plants, we picked over 150 squash. I canned and froze most of them. We ate the others while they were fresh. I just love squash!

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