Squash: day fiveish

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I think it’s day 5. Guess that’s about right.

We’ve picked squash four times. So far that’s been 31 squash we’ve picked. We borrowed my mother in law’s pressure canner, and I canned five quarts of squash today. That’s not counting what we’ve eaten and given away.

It was the first time I’d ever canned using a pressure canner. It went well – but we’ll open a jar of squash soon to see how we like it that way before canning any more of it. What a waste of time and effort if we did it all summer just to discover we don’t like it! It smelled really good, so we’ll see.

S and I also picked 4 cucumbers this morning. He is REALLY excited about the pickles they’re intended to be! My herb garden didn’t survive the heat (the vegetable garden got watered enough, but the herb garden didn’t), so we’ll use the empty space in it to plant more cucumbers. Stephen’s dad’s sweet pickle recipe is phenomenal, so I can’t wait to get pickles going. If I could just figure out a way to keep the flavor but reduce the sugar in it, I’d be happy. I’m not sure though. I could maybe use Splenda but that’s a lot to use.

There are a TON of green tomatoes on the vine – I’ve come across a few interesting recipes. What I’m really hoping to can is tomatoes and peppers. My grandma canned us a bunch last year and we loved it, so I’d like to put up similar this year.

This canning is a lot simpler than I thought it was. A lot of work, yes, but much less complicated than I thought it was. Lord willing, we’ll be doing a LOT of canning this summer!

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