My evening isn't going so hot

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Ode to an old friend

Farewell my friend
I will miss you
You were a great friend
A hard worker
You could handle anything I sent your way
But not the plastic spoon.
I don’t understand why that spoon
Got you all bent out of shape
Perhaps that’s why
You made a funny noises tonight
Goodbye my old friend
Faithful servant
My mixer
Good bye

I guess stand mixers don’t like plastic spoons. . .duh. . .but I used one a couple weeks ago in my mixer bowl. I had been using a flexible rubber spatula. Those never really got caught in the dough hooks. But when my last spatula’s handle snapped (guess it couldn’t handle bread dough either), I grabbed a plastic spoon to scrape the bowl sides down. Big mistake. It got caught in the dough hooks and bent one out of shape. I bent it back, hoping the motor hadn’t been damaged.

Tonight I went to make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow (the kids in my Sunday School class will be giving their dads cookies for Father’s Day). I stuck the beaters in and turned the machine on. It turns on, but the beaters hit each other. Apparently I bent the shaft they fit into.

Nuts. I guess it’s time for a new mixer. This was only a $30 GE mixer from Walmart, but it was wonderful. Hopefully we’ll get a new one soon. I sent a “Wanted: stand mixer” email to our freecycle group. . .we’ll see what happens. I posted the same ad in the Wanted section of Craigslist to so between the two groups, maybe I’ll find something.

But maybe I should have titled this post, “Comedy of Errors.” The baby cried the entire time I was making cookies – he’d just get quieted down when I’d have to put him down to get a cookie sheet out of the oven. Then, right as I finished, I went to get a glass of milk, and dropped the gallon of milk on the floor. It did spill (EVERYWHERE), but thankfully it wasn’t completely full. But then the baby started crying again when I put him down so I could mop up my mess. I hope I got all the milk mopped up from under the refrigerator. In this heat, I don’t want to think about how pleasant that won’t smell in a day or so.

So. The baby finally fell asleep. Poor little guy is trying to get over a cold and doesn’t feel well, and has a tummyache on top of everything. I put him down in bed and sat down to work on sewing a new skirt.

Somehow I didn’t buy enough fabric for it. There was enough to cut the pattern out as is, but not the extra I usually get to lengthen the skirt the 4″ I usually lengthen it. Oh well. I sewed it up, and held it up to me to try it on. It doesn’t fit. The seams will be easy to let out since the skirt is only a little bit too tight. But after the way the rest of the evening has gone, I just folded it up and put it on my desk. I’m afraid to work on it any longer. I really wanted to wear it tomorrow but it will have to wait until next week.

Stephen took S with him to church for a men’s get together tonight. Boy, is he going to laugh when he gets home and hears about MY evening!

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4 thoughts on “My evening isn't going so hot”

  1. Oh Melody…not the stand mixer. My kitchen aid gave out on my a while back. It needs a new something or other, and Rich and I just haven’t made the time to order the part. I’ve gone back to making all bread and baked goods by hands. My arms are getting quite a workout! So sorry that you’re evening of productivity felt more like a comedy of errors!

  2. Melody, I have a hamilton Beach stand mixer. I’ve only used it 6 times & got a KA for CHRISTmas. If you want it for the cost of shipping only, I’ll be more than happy to send it your way. I’ll have to weigh it to let you know & get your zip, just let me know if you’re interested & I’ll find out the details.

    You can email me at the email addy I enclosed with today’s comment.

  3. Oh, you had one of “those” days! LOL I did the exact same thing to my last stand mixer, but at the time, my honey had some extra money, so he was sweet enough to buy me a new one. Maybe, with your ads on the freebie sites, you’ll get a really nice one!

    Have a good night’s rest – tomorrow will be better. It has to be! LOL

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