Menu Plan Monday – June 23

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This week was interesting to plan. I tried to plan around what’s already in the house. I’d like to try and stretch what we have to last us until next week.

Figuring out sides and veggies is probably going to be an interesting adventure. I’ve found some recipes for yellow squash and zucchini (picked the first zuke last night) that sound good and am wanting to try some of them. The recipe for zucchini cookies sounded good (kind of like carrot cake in a cookie) but they’re just high enough in carbs that I’m not sure if I’ll make them or not.

Snacks around here are cheese, popcorn, yogurt and veggies. I might make some oatmeal cookies again this week (oatmeal is supposed to be a good galactagogue). But as much as I like them, having them in the house might be counterproductive, even if they are made with whole wheat and splenda.

Carb-wise I’m trying to keep the carbs we eat restricted to whole grain. For the most part, it’s not that bad, but since it is a pantry week, we do still have some white, refined foods still floating around on the pantry shelf.

Here’s our dinner menu:

Sunday – chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, corn
Monday – octopus and seaweed with seawater to drink
Tuesday – crockpot country-style ribs, yellow squash somehow
Wednesday – mini meatloaves, carrots, not sure what else
Thursday – taco or teriyaki chicken and whole wheat tortillas
Friday – tuna patties and sweet potato fries if we stay home, pizza if we go to mother-in-law’s
Saturday lunch – vegetable egg bake of some sort/breakfast for lunch
Saturday supper – hamburger patties and squash, potato, and onion stir fry

You can read more menu plans over at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – June 23”

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  2. Beth, that’s too funny! I don’t have the guts to try real octopus. I just wanted to make dinner fun because I really don’t care for hot dogs or ramen. :O)

  3. I’m so glad you posted a link for your octopus. I was wondering where on earth you bought real octopus at. LOL.

  4. Bobbie, we’ve had a lot of practice. Our meals aren’t always that interesting (or, to be honest, aren’t always that healthy either). But it’s a work in progress. Like I tell my piano students – if you played perfectly all of the time, you wouldn’t need a teacher. If I could do it right the first time, I wouldn’t need to keep working on it. But I’m learning!

  5. I love looking around the house and making dinner with what is on hand. I wish I were a little better about it. Love those thrifty ideas and Oatmeal cookies are such a treat!

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