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Our air conditioner has been thinking of dying for a while. Last summer, it quit working, and we had a friend of the family out here who has a heating and cooling business. He got it running, saying it was a simple fix. I don’t remember what was wrong with it.

A few weeks ago, it started getting warmer and warmer in here. We figured it was related to the several days of 100+ degree weather. Well, that, and the sliding glass door that is a huge heat/air loss. The temps went down and things got better.

Then a few days after that, it started making this weird popping noise in the middle of the night. It turned out that it had frozen up and the popping noises we heard was the ice on it cracking. We turned it off to thaw it out.

We called someone the next day to come fix it, but found out that while it seems to be a rather straightforward fix, it was more money than we had in the bank at the time. So we decided to wait it out.

Today I noticed that the air wasn’t blowing very hard. . .again. . .so I checked the unit. Sure enough, it had frozen up again. I called Stephen and told him.

Tonight, the phone rang. It was someone that Stephen had spoken with today, telling him that he was going to give us the money to get the air fixed.

Stephen had only made an offhand comment – more mentioning that we needed to go ahead and get it fixed. But God laid it upon this man’s heart to give us the money.

So. I don’t know when the a/c guy will be out here to fix our air, but I’m thankful that it’s only supposed to be 86 here tomorrow instead of 95 or more.

Isn’t God good? It is SUCH a blessing to me when He answers my prayers in ways I’m not expecting!

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