New bees

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We had to get new bees this week – our one remaining hive just left last week. We’re not sure why. They were there one day, and a day or two later they were gone. No dead bees, nothing. Just an empty hive. It was weird.

We researched some places to order bees but just about everybody was out of them. We checked craigslist, and found a man who was splitting his hives. He had two splits left, so we contacted him and Stephen went and picked them up on Tuesday. Our previous bees were Russian bees – these are Italian honeybees.

Those little bees are active! It’s so nice to see so many around the hives again. They like our garden – you can just stand there by the squash and hear a steady buzz.

In order to differentiate between the hives, we named them. One has an X and one has an O on them, but we named them Grace and Mercy. I’m excited to see how they do!

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