Mother's Day plans

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I wish you could have heard the conversation I had with Stephen this morning about Mother’s Day. It’s going to be quite the day. (insert rolling eyes here)

First, the boys are going to give me a rock. Yep. That’s the boys’ Mother’s Day gift to me.

Then I’ll get breakfast in bed – at 5 am – because Stephen says I can’t get ready for church in time if it’s any later. How sweet. Breakfast will be from McDonald’s because he saw a sign the other day saying they were doing free breakfast for mothers that day. Except the sign he saw was at a McD an hour away, lol!

Then for lunch he’s taking me to Billy Bob’s Roadkill Cafe. The special of the week is possum. Oh yum! I don’t remember if it’s a side of possum that’s on the menu or if it’s deep fried possum tail. With that is fried okrie (I really don’t like okra!) and smothered grubworms. Sounds like a winner, doesn’t it???

After that, our conversation turned to the grubworm that I found the other day while I was hoeing the garden.

I love that I can have fun with my husband. We joke all the time like this. We can go on and on, making up crazy goofy things, and have a blast the whole time.

Doesn’t my Mother’s Day sound lovely? :laugh_tb:

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  1. Now theres a Mothers day to remember…LOL glad to see in this day and age men can have a sense of humor

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