Change of plans

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My parents were going to come visit us for a few days. They were supposed to arrive Wednesday evening. Well, things have been moved up a bit. They called last night to say they’d be here tonight. YAY!

So now I’m scrambling to get things done around here – a lot of the stuff from our yard sale is still in the living room. We were going to go drop some of it off today and some next week. This morning I put most of it on freecycle and am hoping to get it all gone so we have a much less cluttered living room by the time Mom and Dad get here. We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it for days, so it’s gotten shuffled from room to room. Ugh. The clutter is really closing in on me. But it should be gone soon now!

Don’t expect to see much of me for the next several days. I try to limit my internet time quite a bit as it is – and with my family here. . .well, they trump the blog any day. :O)

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