Busy, busy

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Life is nuts around here! Ha! I love it though!

Let’s see. Yesterday we had our first real brotherly love adventure. I had just set C down so I could make the bed for Big Brother. My back was turned, and I heard, “C, catch.” I turned around just in time to see the startled look on Little Brother’s face and a full-sized basketball beside him.

Poor Big Brother. He thinks his baby brother can play basketball with him. Um, nope. Thankfully, little C is just fine. I worried that his nose would bruise but so far, nothing. That’s a good thing. Tomorrow we’re having family pictures done!

We’re driving almost an hour to have the pictures made, but the prices are phenomenal and their service is supposed to be far better than a regular department store place. I’m really excited to see how things will go. Which reminds me. . .I still can’t find the shirt I wanted C to wear. . .

Then there’s another triple coupon sale going on today, tomorrow, and Saturday. We went today and did fairly well. My out of pocket total was higher, but the things I bought weren’t free things for the most part. They were all much cheaper than the usual prices though so I’m still using it as a chance to stock up. Like the coffee – I usually don’t pay more than $2.50 for a 13 oz vacuum-packed brick – and with coupons I got Maxwell House bricks for $1.84. Not a huge savings, but the way we drink coffee, any savings helps.

Then on Saturday we’re having a yard sale over at Stephen’s parents’ house. I’ve had it with the clutter around here. We could put it all on freecycle, but there’s so much stuff we figured we’d try to sell it instead. C just outgrew his 0-3 month clothes, so we’re selling a good bit. He had so many clothes that there were some that he never got to wear. It was that way when S was little. So I saved some aside to keep for our next child (if God chooses to send us another), and put the rest in the yard sale pile. The part of town we’re having the sale in should be fairly conducive to a yard sale. . .

Then on Sunday is our church’s monthly birthday and anniversary fellowship dinner. I forgot to sign the signup sheet to tell what we’ll bring. I still have no idea. Need to figure that out soon. . .

So I think that’s it, lol. We’ll combine a triples trip tomorrow with the photos – there’s a store right on the way home from the photographer’s. The coupons are all sorted out so it should be a fairly quick trip. Yeah, right. As if triples trips are ever quick. . .

And so. . .I need to get off this computer so I can get to sorting more yard sale stuff!

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3 thoughts on “Busy, busy”

  1. No problem, Stephanie. It’s a great money-saver, isn’t it?
    Heather – they did a lot better than I expected. I can’t wait to get the pictures!

  2. I LOVE TRIPLE COUPONS!! Thanks Melody for showing me how to use them. I have gotten around 95.00 worth of groceries for 24.00. What a blessing coupons are and triple coupon weekends.Thanks Melody

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