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I got the BEST green peppers at Aldi this week. They were absolutely huge, sweet, and crunchy. Yum. They were cheap too. I chopped some up on Wednesday for our salads, and chopped extra so they’d be ready later. I’m so glad I did.

A big handful went into my scrambled eggs just now. Oh wow – the eggs were SO good. Then I put some of the eggs in one of the rolls that Stephen’s folks sent us, and I had an instant delicious breakfast sandwich. Then I dropped a bunch of eggs right on my skirt (which isn’t even an everyday skirt – I’m wearing a church skirt today because it’s more comfortable, lol!). Thankfully they didn’t leave a stain.

These peppers are so good that I saved some of the seeds. They might not grow, but it’s worth a try. They’re probably a hybrid of some sort, but we’re planning a big garden so it’s ok.

And you just can’t beat the farm fresh eggs either. . .between that and the peppers, my breakfast was FANTASTIC!


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