When your washer dies

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. . .throw the laundry into the tub, add some soap, take off your shoes if you’re wearing them, and step into the tub with bare feet. Stomp on the clothes. Or in our case, sheets and towels. Let the water out, add more water to rinse, and stomp again. Let the rinse water out, wring out the clothes (you may need to stomp on them again), and put them in the laundry basket.

Let your three-year-old help. Water will get everywhere. It will be fun. Really, it will. The stomping is a real stress-reliever. If you walk in circles in the tub, you will get dizzy. That’s not so fun. At least I didn’t think it was.

The next step is to hang the laundry on the line. Unless, of course, there are lowering gray clouds in the sky. If that’s the case, set the basket on your washing machine to wait until the clouds pass.

Life sure is fun around here.

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9 thoughts on “When your washer dies”

  1. Something about that picture is so adorable.
    Hopefully you can get a washer soon but until keep having creative fun with Sam.

  2. It was fun. Then we ended up going to Stephen’s folks’ house to do the rest of the laundry in the house. It’s amazing how much I took a washing machine for granted!

  3. That sure sounds like fun!
    It’s so important to do ‘fun’ things like that with our children. I’m sure it was a blessing to the whole family. ;o)

    ~ Christina

  4. oh my goodness…I am going to have to do this as well, I think. I have no time to run to the laundromat! And we’re running out of clothes…yikes!

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