What a long day

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Wow, today was long. I am glad I get to stay home most of the day tomorrow!

The day started like it does every day – pumping (today the milk went straight into a bottle for the funeral), and then nursing C. I am loving nursing him, and it is going well.

Then I got a batch of rolls started. While they were rising, I made brownies, then baked the rolls. I used a box mix for the brownies, but made the rolls from scratch. That’s why I buy mixes like that at coupon sales. I didn’t even think about buying a thing of dinner rolls – maybe next time for the sake of busyness I’ll consider it though. Hopped in the shower, and fed C again. At that point, we needed to leave in an hour and I remembered I hadn’t made the slaw for the funeral dinner yet. Made slaw.

We got out the door at about 12:30. I was already tired, lol. The funeral was as good as a funeral could be. There was a clear salvation message preached. Lord willing, souls will be saved as a result. It was a two hour funeral – but really it didn’t seem that long.

After the funeral, we stopped at Stephen’s folks’ house for dinner, and then we headed right back out. Their church is having revival services this week so we went tonight. We finally left the church at 9pm. We attended that church shortly after we were married, and that is where Stephen pretty much grew up, so we had a lot of catching up to do with people since we don’t get to visit there very often.

Then when we came home, we let S play for a little bit. For an almost four-year-old, he did wonderfully sitting so much today.

Then Stephen made chocolate yogurt “milkshakes.” Or smoothies – not really too sure what they’d technically be called. They have homemade plain yogurt, some milk, some ice, cocoa powder, sweetener (I think Stephen used Splenda), and some vanilla. We topped them with some Reddi Whip. It was actually a great complement to the tanginess of the yogurt.

Our chicks are chirping too! We have 15 eggs in the incubator. 7 should hatch tomorrow and 8 on Saturday. Since we can hear chirping now though, we will probably have a chick or two by morning. It is the neatest sound. I’m hoping to get some pictures of the process. It is so cool.

Now I’m going to bed. It’s been a pretty good day, but long, and I’m tired. Tomorrow I have housework to do! Like getting the diapers off the line that I hung right before we left. For some reason, I was thinking I’d actually have time to get them off. . .like maybe between the funeral and revival. . .yeah right.

That’s ok. Hopefully the rain will hold off and they’ll still be dry when I go to get them off. I should probably make a point to go get them first thing. . .

Scratch that. Stephen just remembered the dipes on the line and went to go get them. I have the best husband! I was sure I mentioned them to him, but he says I didn’t. Heh. Oh well. Now I don’t have to worry about them getting wet!

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