Spring flowers

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The flowers in my yard are so pretty this year. Well, ok, they’re beautiful every year, but I’m really enjoying them. As usual.

This is the first year my tulips have bloomed. They were planted so close to our front walk that I dug them up and moved them. For two or three years, I considered digging them back up and tossing them. But this year they finally bloomed. There are only 3 blooms, but they’re still beautiful.

The detail of flowers always amazes me. I don’t normally do this, but you can click this first picture to view it full size. God’s attention to detail. . .wow.

Here’s the first iris that bloomed. There are TONS of buds out there, so I’m really looking forward to them all being in bloom.

The azalea bush is blooming too. It’s not a solid block of pink like it’s been in other years, but it’s still pretty. That reminds me – we planted a tiny azalea bush on the other corner of the house, so I should go see if it’s blooming yet. We actually planted four of them – all different colors – but only one survived. But this one is a big one. It’s planted as part of the hedge around our house.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL flowers! I need to find a better digital camera so I can take nice pix of the wild life around here. My camera is starting to mess up. Praying I can find a nice one cheap or possible free on freecycle or something-wonderful pictures!

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