Not what I planned

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My washer just started making a funny noise. I had just put a load in to wash, it filled up, and then started making a horrible noise instead of agitating like it should.

We had talked about using part of the stimulus payment to buy a new washer and dryer set. This set is 10 years old and is already dying. The dryer has been on the fritz ever since we moved back, but since we have a clothesline that’s easily dealt with. It dries, kind of. . .a full-sized load takes 3 times through the hour cycle. It’s nuts. But it works well enough to be able to use it when the weather isn’t conducive to line drying.

So now I’m going to take the baby bathtub and get all the wet clothes out of the washer. I’ll wash and rinse them in the tub and hang them to dry. . . .and I’m sure S will enjoy “playing” in the water with me, lol! C, thankfully, is asleep at the moment so hopefully I can get it mostly done.

This is not what I planned for today, but I am very thankful that the rain forecast for today has now been moved to tomorrow, and that it’s almost 80 outside already. The clothes should dry quickly.

I wanted to lose some weight – I’m gonna get my exercise today! HA!

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