New webhost, take two

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I think this is finally it. I mentioned before that I’d be changing webhosts, but that didn’t end up going through as planned. It wasn’t a problem with the company, there were just a few glitches along the way and it didn’t happen when we thought it would.

This morning I finally put in the request to get the domain names switched so we can move everything over to the new server (Stephen’s company offers web hosting services). This is a huge deal for me – it’s scary to think that my sites could go down or get lost somehow in the process. Everything should go smoothly, but it’s still kind of scary. Everything is backed up onto my hard drive though. . .so if something happens it shouldn’t be a big deal to reinstate things.

Honestly, I’m more than ready for this switch. There has been enough down time with my current webhost that I’m losing income from my stores. It will be nice not to have to get “I can’t place an order through your store” emails any more. What was the most aggravating about that was it was beyond my control. My stores would just quit working – for no apparent reason – and then begin working again. I’ll accept responsibility for possibly getting the code wrong if I’ve made changes or installed something new, but once I have the store working, and then it quits a couple weeks later. . .that’s not something I’ve done. But it’s hard to email a customer and say “it’s not my fault.” Heh. But at least that will be over soon – and I can not wait.

So. If this blog goes down for a day or two, don’t worry. It’ll be up and running again soon!

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