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God is so good. S has almost completely outgrown all of his play clothes, so I started praying about it.

Stephen’s sister has a little boy who just “happens” to wear a size or two bigger than S wears. She just sent us two bags of clothes that her son outgrew.

It was so fun to look through the bag. There were probably a good 15 pairs of pants in there! The fun thing is that there were several pairs of play pants – which was one of the main things that S needed. They weren’t just any play pants either – they were sturdy play pants. For my S – that’s a fantastic thing because that boy is so ROUGH on clothes. I had to laugh at how nice the clothes all looked; I told Stephen’s mom that when S is done with play clothes, the never look nice enough to pass along to someone else.

That might have something to do with S’s love for mud, dirt, and all things outdoors. Like the other day when he tried to ride the dog like a horse. Or like two days ago when he decided he wanted to ride on the billy goat. Stain treatments only get so much red clay out of clothes. . .

Then I spoke with my mom the other day and she told me that she’s sending me some clothes she found for the boys. She loves to go thrift store shopping (and has some REALLY nice ones near her) so she calls every so often to ask what we need so she can go look for it. She found some play t-shirts for S (which he also needed) and some dressier shirts for C. I had dress clothes for C but most of them are long sleeved, so I’m happy Mom found some short-sleeved ones.

Right now, it looks like both my boys are completely outfitted for the summer. God has provided for us again!

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2 thoughts on “New clothes”

  1. Thanks, Heather. I’ll probably have to wait a bit though. . .I don’t have much of a clothing budget this month. Hopefully next month though – I need some new clothes myself.

  2. THats great about the clothes. Emi’s “play” clothes get a lot of stains on them too. Even though I try to get them all out it doesnt always work. I have a couple friends at work who have boys clothing around S’s size for sale. I”ll have to give you there numbers. Might be an idea for winter.

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