My bloodwork results

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I finally got in touch with my doctor’s office this week regarding my bloodwork. Everything came back normal. I was absolutely shocked! I asked her for the specific numbers because I just couldn’t believe the test came back normal. The nurse told me that sometimes weight loss is enough to reverse insulin resistance, and apparently that is true with me. I still have some post-baby weight to lose, but apparently I lost enough before the pregnancy to do what was needed.

They’re not putting me back on the metformin as there’s no need for it now. That seems so strange to say now, after being on it for so long.

So now I just need to keep this weight off. I wasn’t done losing weight when I became pregnant, even though I had lost right at 60 pounds already. As of right now, I still have about 30 pounds I’d like to lose.

The adventure begins again. . .

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  1. Congratulations Melody!!!! I bet it’s wonderful to be off of it after taking it for so long. Keep up the great work.

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